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Бумбокс (Boombox) is a Ukrainian funky-groove band. Founded in 2004 in Kyiv by the vocalist Andriy Hlyvnyuk & guitarist Andriy "Fly" Samoylo. Their style is an amazing mix of hip-hop, reggae and jazz. Their songs are written mostly in Ukrainian, but a couple of tracks are sung in Russian and English. Members: * Andriy Hlyvnyuk — vocals, lyrics * Andriy "Muscidae" Samoylo — guitar * Valentyn "Valik" Matiuk — DJ Albums: * 2005 Меломанія (Melomania) [LP] * 2006 Family бізнес (Family business) [LP] * 2007 Тримай (Hold it) [EP] * 2008 III (a.k.a. Three) * 2010 Все включено * 2013 Термінал Б * 2017 Голий король Official blog: http://www.aleks.com.ua/ Official forum: http://boombox.net.ua/

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