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Roulette, at least more than one artist with this name. 1. Roulette is a four piece garage/punk/nu-jazz band from Bishop Auckland, UK. www.myspace.com/rouletteuk 2. Roulette is a five piece band from Sundsvall, Sweden. 3. Roulette is a pop band from Malang, East Java, Indonesia. 4. Roulette is a female rapper out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. 5. Roulette is a female girl-group from the UK, releasing their debut single in 2011. 6. Roulette ia a Hair Metal band from Troy, MI, USA Hailing from Troy, Michigan, Roulette released one helluva kickass hard rock/glam album in 1990, Pull The Trigger, that unfortunately was NEVER released on CD. With influences ranging from Warrant and Firehouse to XYZ and Mötley Crüe, you can't go wrong. Great songs with tons of backround vocals make this one of the most sought after Indies. Roulette packed local venues in metro Detroit in the late 80's and early 90's; Harpo's, The Ritz, New York, New York, and the I-ROCK night club. Roulette shared the stage with; Molly Hatchett, Firehouse, Lillian Axe, and XYZ. Out of town, Roulette partied with loads of strangers, entertained many of cool people at cool places; Alrosa Villa, The Thirsty Whale, Akron Agora, and many more. _________________________________________________________________________________ Roulette (Sundsvall, Sweden) were formed in 1985, Sundsvall, Sweden. All the guys had been in previous bands with Hansi Fellbrink e.g. Overload, Lundgren and Nesslin, Red Skies, the Nelin brothers and The Kaza. When these five young guys met, it “clicked” and they started to rehearse songs and play live at rock clubs and festivals around Sweden. Roulette became a popular band in their hometown and had a couple of hits, like Summer Sun and Call My Name on the local radio stations. The year after they took part in the competition POP -86 where they went to the final at Hard Rock Café / Stockholm. The judge existed of Tommy Nilsson from Easy Action and Kee Marcello from Europe. In 1987 they signed a record deal with TAB Records and released their first single Hearts keep on burning with Tommy Nilsson on backing vocals. The second single was released in 1988 called Fool for your love, and a video was shot to promote that single. In this period Roulette performed on a lot of Swedish TV-shows like ”Top Gear”/Nordic Channel, ”Night Life”/TV 3 and ”Metropol”/SVT where they played two songs on the same show as Status Quo and were supporting act to no one less than Chuck Berry at Hede Festival. They also has the privilege of sharing the stage with Treat, Guardian Angels, Electric Boys and Lionshare. In 1990, influenced by their prospective label, they changed their name to Cherry Red and won a record deal with CBS. They started to record their first full length album at Stockholm Recording, with producer Per Blom, but unfortunately at the same time CBS signed another AOR band called Rat Bat Blue and after recording only three songs, the album became just a single called Only the strong and was released on CBS subsidiary label, Cupol Records. With the failure of not having a full album release, the band broke up but continued playing together as a Def Leppard tribute band. And to this day,still do.

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