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Валерий Сюткин

Valeri Syutkin Singing professionally since 1982, he gained popularity as a member of the rock band Bravo. In 2008, he was awarded the honorary title "Merited Artist of the Russian Federation". Biography Valeri Miladovich Syutkin (Russian: Валерий Миладович Сюткин) was born on 22 March 1958 in Moscow, USSR, to parents Prof. Milad Syutkin (was born in Perm) and Moscow citizen Bronislava Brzhezidskaya. He started to play music early 1970s taking part at several doujin groups simultaneously as a bass guitarist or drummer. While playing at school ensembles, he was performing the songs of Beatles, Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Slade, Smokie. Once upon a time he has substituted a sick vocalist; after that he retained this role. He started to contribute with the group "Telephone" in 1982 which turned into a professional philarmonic touring ensemble two years later. "Telephone" released the album "Ka-Ka" which present a song series about folk heroes Suleiman Suleimanovich Kadyrov and Lev Abramovich Kaskad. January 1985, he created the group "Fan-o-man", and than he released his first solo album "Twist-cascade". While contributing with "Fan-o-man" Syutkin has recorded the album "Grainy caviar". August 1990, the singer joins the group "Bravo" where he has been working till May 1995. That time became the period of singer's own style working-out which he keeps following by now. He's operating with "stylish"-subculture sland in the lyrics, as to the music he's looking back on 50-s American popular bands. With "Bravo" he has recorded albums "Stylish Moscow Fellows", "Moscow Beat" and "Road into the Clouds". He has left "Bravo" in 1995 and created the group "Syutkin&Co" which he's taking part with by nowadays. The song "7000 over the Earth" from the album "The Necessary" was found to be the best smash-hit of the year of 1995. He was awarded the title of "Merited Artist of the Russian Federation" in March, 2008.

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