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Back in 2000, before the formation of “Hay Tgheq” Misho was singing in a band called “Selected from…” together with Hamo, Sash and Yoj (Arsen). During the one year of existence of the band the guys participated in many concerts as beginning rap singers. In 2001 the band broke up because some small conflicts. After that for creating a serious rap group Misho met Hayko who was also interested in rap music. Once Hayko had tried to build his carrier as rap singer. He wrote songs (in Armenian slang on rude/dirty topics) and was recording in his brother’s - Michael Margaryan’s (Mika) recording studio- adjacent to Russian Radio former Alfa-m records (present Mi production). After the long pause of the break up of the band Misho organized a meeting of the young people who wanted to sing rap. Hayko, who turns out to be closer to the ideologies of the project, also hears the news. From the gathered 25 people a band of 4 people was organized. The band consisted of Misho, Hayko, Armen, Edik Denis) its name remains “Selected from…”. As repertoire of the former “Selected from…” consisted of songs in Armenian (formal) and Russian languages, the guys think to go on with that, but then they decide to sing only in Armenian, with a deviation to slang. Before the recording of the 1st song the IV member of the band leaves it. In the end the 1st song was recorded in “Alfa-m records” which was called “Im Erevan” - music by Hayko & Misho, lyrics by Misho, Haiko & Sash. The guys take part in the open air concert “The Old New Year” with this song. Nobody understands who those guys are, what they have in common with the other Stars because the song was of lowest quality and nobody understood the words. This was the only performance of the guys with this staff because later after that event Armen leaves. The year 2002 was a time of experiments but the guys consider them just unsuccessful attempts and for one year they stop working and even meetings and visiting the recording studio.In late 2003 the 18 year old Misho during the lesson writes the words of the song “Hay Tghen Tghaya” (the Armenian guy is the “Man”). Just after the class he calls Hayko and they decide to meet at the studio, where the music of the song is written. Hayko decides his part of words and the first song “Hay Tghen Tghaya” is recorded. Just after recording the song the guys realize that this is the very style that they were looking for. The song “Hay Tghen Tghaya” was uploaded in the mp3.am website still with the name Misho&Hayko. The song becomes very popular in the site and they realize that it is ganna be a hit soon. The expectations are justified and thanks to Hayko’s brother Michael Margaryan (Mika) the song is included in some collections. Before this the guys think a lot about the name of the band and as the expression “Hay thga” (Armenian guy) is often used in the song they decide to call the band “Hay Tgheq”. The song becomes very popular in the city and they start to think about a music video. They turn to some directors but nobody wants to shot a music video for them. The guys realize that because the rudeness and the slang it is still impossible to shot a video on such song. After all these they understand that it is early to concentrate on the music video and they go on working on the first album. During works the song “Loqsh” (nothing to do/boring) is published, it becomes a hit and brings popularity to the guys. On November 2004 the first CD of “Hay Tgheq” is published which is still very popular. After the first album some 1-2 singles are published in different collections and just after that they receive an offer to participate in the Top 10 of Rabiz project (both Misho and Hayko were great funs of that project). “Hay Tgheq”, Grisha, Vardan, Hovo and Sirusho cooperate in the song and it also is a success. After this project great offers are received and on 15-16 June 2005 the first live concert with full hall is performed in the theatre after Stanislavskii. New offers are received and several times they perform in the most popular clubs of Moscow. Returning home they begin the works on the II album. During those works they are offered to be shot in a film “Mer Bak 3”. They also get acquainted with Goga Khachatryan, who has already shot 5 music videos for them and who still is considered the director of Hay Team. Due to some problems “Hay Tgheq” stop cooperating with Michael Margaryan and start the works in CS records. Here with great support by Serjo the music of the II CD is written and they start recordings (“Hay Tgheq” still record in CS records). In summer 2006 thanks to Serjo “Hay Tgheq” get acquainted with the manager of Hay Team Armin Movsisyan. On 18 September 2006 the II CD called “Mi Katil Meghr” (a drop of honey) is published, and during the works on this album HAY TEAM is created, which consists of Serjo, Hamo, Sash and “Hay Tgheq”.

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