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The 411

There are two bands with the name 411. 1) The 411 were a four piece English female R&B group formed late in 2002 featuring members Tisha,Tanya,Suzie and Carolyn. The band formed after a couple of the members sang back up vocals on Lemar’s version of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”. The band took its name after the Mary J. Blige song “What’s The 411?”. The groups first single “On My Knees” featured Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan and was a hit in the UK (reaching top 5) and Australia (reaching top 30). A second single, “Dumb”, reached top 3 in the UK and also reached the top 30 in Australia. These singles appeared on their album, Between The Sheets, featuring songs written by Diane Warren and Dion of Big Brovaz, Redeye and the 411 themselves. A third single was also released, preceding the album by one week, called “Teardrops”, but only made #23 in the UK. Following the merger of Sony Music with BMG the group were dropped by Sony Music, and went their separate ways. The 411 are now back together, with a slightly changed line up of Carolyn Owlett, Tanya Boniface, Tisha Martin and new girl Nuala Farrely who was part of the Sunshyne project with Tanya and Tisha. The new 411 are currently in the studio and searching for a record deal. 2) 411 was the bi-product of the end of 1980’s hardcore. At a time when the youth were getting older, going to college, trading their Straight Edge for a different way, the underground stars of our youth were also taking a less intense approach to getting the message out. Adopting melody and insightful lyrics over straight forward, in your face attacks was the way of life entering the 1990’s. Enter 411!! The project fronted by former NO FOR AN ANSWER and CARRY NATION singer/mouthpiece, Dan O’Mahony (later with VOICEBOX, GOD FORGOT, SPEAK714, and JOHN HENRY HOLIDAY). Taking hardcore music to a level that only a few had attempted. Adding perfect words to an already flawless sound. Giving those of us who listened a challenge to go beyond the typical rant and making think before we speak. Taking with him his co-conspirator Kevin Murphy, they assembled a team that would take on the current and fight the waves. Making an underground impact with the 2 song 7 inch record, “Thoughts That Feed The Fire”, in 1990; then a head-on attack in 1991 with “This Isn’t Me”. They took their assault on the road a half dozen times until the end of the road only a few years after. Even now, in 2007, older hardcore types have been searching high and low for another taste of this underground powerhouse. A band that was 15 years ahead of their time with little recognition.

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