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Water Juice

This San Francisco-based duo pioneered a unique sound that is both epic, yet easily accessible to a wide cross-section of the underground: chillers, trancers, jam-band fans, and dancers. Their "live" shows actually seem very live - much more like a concert than a laptop recital. It 's easy to watch how they tweak their instruments, manipulate sound, and get involved in each step of the creative process. Waterjuice consists of Cyril Kollock and Bruce 'Raven' Tupling - Raven is an electric guitarist with a boggling array of effects and pedals that can make both classic "guitar sounds", as well as cosmic trance tones. Cyril works pads and synths, and I've seen him tap out new fat beats right in front of the audience. Occasionally he also shakes a one-of-a-kind "MIDI Space suit" that triggers sound via body motion. They play together well and can really whip up the audience by jamming long and hard - like a futuristic, digital, psychedelic rock band .

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