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Dion or Dio may refer to: Zeus, People edit: Ancient edit: Dion (mythology), a king in Laconia and husband of Iphitea, the daughter of Prognaus, Dion of Syracuse (408-354 BC), ancient Greek politician, Dion of Naples, an ancient Greek mathematician cited by Augustine of Hippo along with Adrastus of Cyzicus, Modern edit: Dion DiMucci (b. 1939), an American singer/songwriter who is known professionally as "Dion" Dion and the Belmonts, a musical group of the 1950s with Dion DiMucci as lead singer, , Dion Dublin, an English footballer, Dion Fortune, British occultist, Dion Ignacio, a Filipino actor, Dion Phaneuf, a Canadian ice hockey player, Dion Nash, a New Zealand cricketer, Dion O'Banion, an Irish mobster, Dion Waiters, an American basketball player, Dion Berisha, an Kosovo-Albanian born in Denamark, Céline Dion (b. 1968), Canadian singer, Colleen Dion (b. 1964), American actress, Josh Dion, singer/drummer, Stéphane Dion (b. 1955), Canadian academic, and politician, Places edit: Dion, part of the municipality of Beauraing, province of Namur, Belgium, Dion-Valmont, consisting of Dion-le-Val and Dion-le-Mont, a section of the municipality of Chaumont-Gistoux, Walloon Brabant, Belgium, Dion, Pieria, also Dio, a town in Pieria, Greece, Dion, Jordan, a city in the Decapolis of the Roman Empire, Dion Islands, Antarctica, Other edit: Dion, a genus of butterflies in the Grass Skippers family, de Dion-Bouton, a French automobile manufacturer operating from 1883 to 1932, Mitsubishi Dion, a compact MPV produced by Mitsubishi Motors, Dion (Transformers), a character from the Transformers franchise, Dion Blaster, a character in 1080° Snowboarding

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