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White Gold

1) White Gold is a post-apocalyptic power pop trio comprised of lead singer/guitarist White Gold (SM) and rhythm section The Calcium Twins (SM). The ultimate west coast rock combo, they’re influenced by regions around Northern California, Southern California, and the central chakras. Blending the Calcium Twins impactful harmonies with the howling vocals of White Gold himself, White Gold pours out music that regularly lifts its audience to healthy new heights. Early in his life White Gold was anything but sparkly and healthy. He was a shell of a man, with frail hair, a dull smile, a scrawny physique, and saddlebags under his eyes. Legend has it that he desperately stumbled to the crossroads, much like many well-known rock idols before him. There, the heavens parted and an angel descended, blessing White Gold with a guitar filled with milk. White Gold consumed the contents of this One Gallon Axe in one fell swig, transforming instantly into the rock icon now adored the world over. Daughters of session pianist Earl and one time back-up singer Jeannette, Wholena and Skimberly Calcium were discovered by White Gold one week after his stunning makeover. The serendipitous meeting occurred when the singer reportedly sauntered into one of his favorite Nor Cal karaoke bars. There, he laid his eyes upon the Twins, who were belting out an early ‘70s slow-jam, their voices sweeping through the joint like a tidal wave. On the spot, White Gold convinced Wholena and Skimberly to form a three-piece and, together, change the world one glass of musical awesomeness at a time. In the years since that initial meeting the band has released 7 albums fortified with hit singles. They scored a string of number one hits with Milkionaire, Half-Gallon Stallion, and the multi-platinum White Gold: Unjugged. They’ve played to capacity houses all over the world, from the farms of Bakersfield, to the Theodore Roosevelt part of Mount Rushmore, to a great wall in China (not to be confused with The Great Wall of China). White Gold is played by Joe Hursley of the Ringers. --------------------------- 2) White Gold is a harsh noise project from noise makers The Cherry Point (Phil Blankenship) and John Wiese

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