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A few weeks back, we shared “Superfriends,” a release from a then mysterious artist either named “Z” or “user601586061.” Less than 24 hours after the song hit the Internet, a Do Androids Dance? reader did some NSA-caliber snooping to discover that the man behind “Superfriends” and the infectious “Moves Like Ms. Jackson” was actually Steven Zhu, a producer who had previously released music under the name ZHU. "Many are wondering why I chose to release my music anonymously. I am my own ghostwriter. As a society, we become more attached to the creator than to the creation. Music is faceless. My music is for a new generation—one in which people appreciate art for its intrinsic value—Generation WHY." –ZHU, on his decision to maintain anonymity Now fully in the sun, ZHU returns with new single “Faded.” Though the weekend is almost behind us, “Faded” is yet another perfect soundtrack for late night mischief in the re-emergent producer’s catalog. It features the same infectious synth work and affected falsetto vocals that made both “Moves Like Ms. Jackson” and “Superfriends” such pleasant surprises.

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