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Vahag Rush

Vahag Rush  (Vahagn Ashoti Rushanyan) was born in 1982 in the city of  Artik ,  Shirak  Marz , Armenia  .  Studied at  Mesrop Mashtots School No. 7 in  Artik .  From the age of 12, he attended the  guitar section of the music school named after  Daniel Ghazaryan in Artik.  After graduating from school in 1999, he was accepted and studied at  the State Engineering University  of Armenia as a network programmer until 2003.  After graduation, he was drafted and served in the  Republic of Artsakh for two years .  After enlisting in the army, in 2005 he was admitted to the International Center for Accounting Training, where he studied for two years, obtaining the profession of accountant.  During these years, Vahagn always played the guitar and sometimes sang in the company of friends.  He started his professional musical career in 2009, when he recorded the  song "Kiss Me Mej  " written by  Misak Metsarents  .  H e song was very popular with the public and Vahagn decided to record his second song, "  Autumn Wind  " , which also had a video.  Vahagn's second video was "  Adana  ", which was presented as a duet together with  Eva Sujyan  .  Later, based on the song "  Anhas mi Tench  ", the clip of the same name, the words of which  belong to  Silva Kaputikyan .  In 2010, Vahagn released to the public the song "  Lusampopi Pes  Aghjik" written by  Charents  and a little later the video of the same song, which became the singer's business card.  Vahag has more than 50 songs written by  Kaputikyan  ,  Charents  ,  Metsarents  , Based on the words of  Shiraz  ,  Sahyan  ,  Teryan  ,  Sevak and other famous authors.  His compositions are dominated by rock elements. In 2011, Vahagn presented the song "  Anurjner  " written by  Metsarents  .  At the end of the year,  the rock version of the song "    Stone  Friend " by Jivan. In the spring of 2011, Vahag Rush's first solo concert was held, in which singer Narine Dovlatyan also participated.  After that, the singer received many invitations from different cities of Armenia and outside of Armenia.  In 2013, he presented the  song and video "  Maral Jan " with Alin Goyan.  Vahagn had several concerts with the singer. From 2013 to 2015, Vahagn had a musical hiatus. In 2015, Vahagn returned to the stage, bringing with him several new songs:  "I'll Come  ", "  Happiness  " , "  Happiness  ".  Tatev Voskanyan is the author of the lyrics. In the same year, Vahagn presented a new song written with the words of  Paruyr Sevak 's "  Letter  " and a new version of the song Karmir Tsaghik M Garun, the author of which is Vahagn's father. In 2016, Vahagn presented a new song together with Eva  Sujyan  , which was called  "  Patgam", the song is a military-patriotic lullaby, the author of the lyrics is Vahagn's mother, Anahit Simonyan.  A little later, Vahagn  presented  the new version of the song "Anurjner" and the song "  Get  Away " written by  Teryan  . In 2016, the  first collaboration between the singer and  Sona Rubenyan took place.  They jointly presented the song "  Kiss Me Mej  " and after that the  songs dedicated to "  Par Psaki  " and  "Yuri Bakhshyan ". In 2017, Vahagn presented the song "  Time " with the words of  Hamo Sahyan  and the music of his friend Vruyr Simonyan  , and at the end of 2017 the song "  Soldier Boy  ", the music of which was written by  Alexey Hekimyan  , and the lyrics were written by Vahagn's mother.  The song was known as "Working Boy" since Soviet times. In 2018, Vahagn presented  his own version of the song "  Hayuhi Kutsik  " and new versions of the songs "  Anhas Mi tench  " and "  Ashnan Kami !". In 2019, the singer did quite a lot of work, presenting the new songs "  Let Me  Go" and "  Yergi  Teverin" and "Let Go" also had a clip.  He presented the clip of the song "  Red Flower in the Spring  !", and also presented the  rock versions of  Romanos Melikyan 's famous songs "  Rose  " and  "Gini Litz " to the audience.  That year, Vahagn submitted his first original Russian song to the public, the words of which are written by the famous Russian poet  Innokenty Anenskun  .  The song is called  "Autumn Romance". At the beginning of 2020, he presented a new song called "  Snow  " with Arevik Karapetyan, and in February the song "  I and you  ", the lyrics of which are by Tatev Voskanyan. In May 2020, Vahagn presented to the audience the Mother  song written by Vahan Teryan  , which is a duet with his mother, Anahit Simonyan. At the beginning of September 2020, Vahagn presented the  song "  Husher " to the court of the audience. The words of the songs "Snow", "Memories", "Message" and "Ergi Teveri" belong to Vahagn's mother, and the music is composed by Hasmik Arshakyan. Vahagn is married and has two sons.

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