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Cybophonia is a project by Eros Minichiello, a dj and producer based in Switzerland. Cybophonia production starts in 1999 with the tune “Vostok Jazz”, included by Irma Records in the “Chill Out Café 3” collection. In the following years the track appears in many other compilations. In 2000, with the collaboration of Surya, an anglo-italian duo, Cybophonia releases his self-titled debut album on Irma's imprint Quadra. From 2001 to 2003 Eros produces and remixes several tracks for Irma’s artists, such as Black Mighty Orchestra's “Ocean Beach”, who becomes one of the true anthems of the so-called "Chill Out" genre, featured in dozen of compilations from labels all over the world. The Japanese CD “Vostok Jazz”, released at the end of 2003 by the Japanese Hipnologie Recordings, is a selection of Cybophonia’s works and remixes. In 2004 Eros founds his own label called “Stereolake”. For Stereolake, at the end of 2005, he releases an album with the composer Florin Maasz under the name “Centovalley”. 2007: new EP "Slide In".

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