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Vein & David Rush

There are at least five artists with the name Vein. 1. Born in South Side Jamaica Queens, and raised in Miami, Florida, Vein had massive hoop dreams all the way through high school until a severe foot injury halted his season and what was certain to be a promising college career. Determined to make something of himself, Vein sought a career path elsewhere. In what would be come a critical decision in securing his future, he reacquainted himself with his first love... music. After a massive positive response in just the first month back, Vein was reassured that he was making the right decision by following his instincts. His only dilemma was that not only was he rapping, he was also producing and unsure of where to direct his attention, finding himself torn on how to best designate his time. After moving back-and-fourth between New York and Miami, searching for his outlet of opportunity, Vein is now 21, and a full time 305-made man and his talent is undeniable. Vein has produced and written songs for many 305 heavy-hitters of note. His own songs such as "Left to Right" have received a commendable amount of airplay on commercial radio stations such as Power 96.5 and have been played in heavy rotation at numerous Coconut Grove, Downtown, and South Beach clubs. Currently unsigned and still on his grind, Vein has virtually a whole city behind him. He is backed by names such as Power 96's own Baby Bree, Dj Def, Dj Rps, Dj Tony Tone, Garcia, Big Teach, Pitbull, and Jim Jonsin to name a few. And although his most recent mix tape has done extremely well, he is not stopping there. Vein will settle for no less that what he deserves... Superstardom. 2. There is also a breakcore-artist called Vein. 3. Vein is also a two-man-project from Schweinfurt and Nürnberg, Germany formed by Marc Hanson and Johannes Brendel in 2009. Visit www.vein-music.com to download their album VEIN 2009 for free. 4. Vein is a power/doom metal band from Denmark formed in 2011 by members of Chilean doom metal band Procession. It consists of vocalist Felipe Plaza (Capilla Ardiente), guitarist/bassist Jonas Pedersen (Strychnos) and drummer Uno Bruniusson (In Solitude). They released their two-track EP Crux Calvaria in April 2012. 5. Vein is a black metal band from the US. Founded in 2012 by Death Fiend, they released their first demo, ...into the Vein in early 2013.

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