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Nym is an American instrumental artist from Fairbanks, Alaska. His audio work blends hundreds to thousands of meticulously sliced samples from vinyl, CD, VHS and DVD with live recordings and organic electronically generated sounds to make introspective and cinematic music. Nym was born in Fairbanks, Alaska in the shadow of the majestic Mt. McKinley. He grew up on a farm outside Fredericksburg, Virginia and currently resides in San Francisco’s Mission District — arguably the heart of the city’s music and arts scene. Nym is well known in the MPC community as an innovator, and one of the select few who play the MPC the way one would play a traditional instrument. He maintains a solid reputation as an electronics hacker, building his own midi controllers with innovative use of non-musical elements (infrared cameras, candles) for use in live shows. Nym is currently looking for management, representation, and label affiliation.

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