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Varduhi Vardanyan

Varduhi Vardanyan, graduate of Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov chose the path of singing art. Song has been always guiding her. Song didn’t let her deal with another art. Actually, she didn’t like to concentrate on one specific thing and liked alterations. And this idea went with nearly all the domains of life as well as music. She had concert tours in many countries and cities and she always returned with an award or a prize. To her nations horror, one dreadful morning on October 15 2006 a fatal car accident took the talented singers life. Today, no words can heal the wounds of those who knew, loved and worked with the singer, since their loss is too great. But let's not forget that Varduhi Vardanyan was first of all an artist, a true, talented artist and, as we know, art lives forever. For an artist like her, earthly life is just a period of self-realization, a sort of mission to make the world beautiful. Varduhi Vardanyan did not manage to fully complete her mission in this world, but her songs stay with us. They are the reflection of the singer's soul and the whole inner beauty of an individual, an Artist. Since her music is alive, Varduhi Vardanyan will live in our hearts forever and ever...

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