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"Cafe" - Russian rock band from St. Petersburg, founded March 12, 1996 Prehistory At the beginning of June 1992 [2] young Petersburg musician and songwriter Alexei Smirnov ("ideal society", "Station Woolton") took place in the first St. Petersburg singer of country group Finestreet. This is how his creative alliance with multi Sergei Starodubtsev, which led, in 1995, the year of the formation of the musical association "Smirnov Companions", in November of the same year was renamed the "CAFE". Actually, the musical tastes of the two musicians and became the foundation's style - classic rock (Smirnov) and classic folk and country (Starodubtsev) helped the group to acquire its own unique color, combining poetry, rock 'n' roll drive, complex vocal harmonies and acoustic sound tools along with electric. Success Already in 1995, the band recorded their first demo "Let's forget." Musicians accompany the legend of British rhythm and blues Arthur Brown that instantly brings them fame and respect not only the audience, but also "higher music circles." In February 1996, was recorded the single "summer is ended" - "Long Road", and in the summer of that year, the group began work on their first studio album, songs from which the fall of 1996, won the TV contest "incubator." The prize was the opportunity to record the song "Comrade Sergeant", which soon became a popular hit, and "Song of the Year" at the main Russian FM-radio. However, the musicians have repeatedly referred to the fact that the song is not specific to their work, and its success is very random [3] [4]. That fall, the cafe "warm up" performance blues world stars - Steve Baker and Chris Jones, and accompany legendary American guitarist Joe Edwards, known for his collaboration with Elvis Presley. [1] Composition CAFE early years of the group has changed several times, in addition to the two founders - Smirnov and Starodubtseva - in the group at different times played by such musicians as Andrew Kosogorov Anna Kuzmina, Arthur Kestner, Arsene Israel and a number of others. Unfortunately, the first album "Music of the roofs," hastily compiled from songs sold by the first group of demos, was released in August 1999. In December of the same year the second album came out and CAFE - "Plus 12." All the songs included in the albums were written by Alexey Smirnov, who is also performed leading vocals and played several instruments. By the moment the core of the group - Alexei Smirnov, Sergei Starodubtsev Dmitry Batsiev Arsene Israel. CAFE toured with performances all over the country, taking part in the central rock events nationwide scale, with the organization of concerts the musicians involved themselves. Team regularly appeared on stage with the Aquarium, DDT group Chizh & Co, Time Machine, V. Kuzmin, a secret, etc., became the winner of rock festivals. The group, bound hand and foot bondage contracts did not have a chance to develop. Half-life In the year 2001, for unknown reasons the next director, and has not seen the light of the album, "So be it!". However, a well-known song was "This is a sweet word freedom", recorded for the album with Sergey "Chizh" Chigrakovym. After another unsuccessful contract not executed customer commitments (not organized in time concerts, unreleased songs and albums), band members began to look for ways to further their own development, established a parallel solo projects. One such project was the collective "INCA", organized in the spring of 2002 Arsen Israilov with fellow CAFE [5]. Group thus continues to be creative and give the "own" organized concerts. October 9, 2002 in the CAFE Smirnov Batsiev and Eugene Beavers (drums) takes part in the annual concert dedicated to the birthday of John Lennon. [6] In January 2004, CAFE recorded the single "Look fun" - "set free." After that, lead singer and founder of the group, Alexei Smirnov takes a sabbatical, and the group is trying to serve different structures with different soloists. In 2006, the CAFE're going with Smirnov and is involved in the project record the memory of Yuri Morozov. CAFE recorded version of the song Morozova "Like a fool" was included in the album "Yuri Morozov. A Tribute », released on February 20, 2007. Apart Smirnov (vocals, guitar), the recording of the song was attended by Kadyrov Nail (bass guitar), Yuri Nikolaev (drums), Sergei Chigrakov (vocals, keyboards), Natalia Sechkareva (flute). [7] "Cafe" Andrew Brizhenyuka At the end of 2008, in Moscow there is a double-structure, organized by musician, and in 1997 to substitute drummer basic composition CAFE. This team, hastily assembled from musicians who do not have to CAFE any relation, is beginning to act, posing as a "present CAFE, of which at one time were dismissed founders Smirnov Starodubtsev" [8] [9]. Some time ago, the organizer of the team suggested Starodubtseva Smirnov and assistance in organizing a series of concerts in the capital and was allowed to perform a number of songs Smirnova, and represent the interests of the group and to negotiate concerts CAFE. Shortly after this, and there is a "part of Moscow." Pseudo-group (the name Muscovites write as "Cafe" - with a capital F), appearing in concert halls, perform, including old favorites CAFE. December 23, 2009 decision of the district court of Moscow Savyolovsky, architectural contract was terminated. [10] Now the decision has been appealed to the Moscow City Court. Thus, the final point is not set. In 2012, Smirnov registered the name "Cafe" in Rospatent as a trademark CAFE today In 2007, the duo Smirnov-Starodubtsev collects new composition of the known professional musicians and began to record new material. The group finally became independent from the various leaders, self-organization continues its concerts, repeatedly confirming the continuing interest of the audience to the creativity. In 2008, the band recorded a new album "Three o'clock in the morning" and "Freedom", but the conflict with the capital produced (see above), and this time delay of the publication. November 22, 2008 th and May 14, 2009, the CAFE accompanies Tony Sheridan during his performances in St. Petersburg. In 2009, musicians CAFE continue to work on new material and preparing the next tour in support of their new album. In writing songs and recording of material involved, Mikhail Boyarsky, Marina Kapoor, the famous St. Petersburg cellist Lena Te and Sergey "Siskin" Chigrakov. Among the last works of the group - an interactive project album "Freedom", that combines music, poetry, painting, theater and animation. June 4, 2009 is an historic event in the life of the band - musicians for the first time, without interfering with the creativity of characters from the outside, releasing the album in the form in which it was conceived, the order of the songs and arrangements to cover design. The group has a number of solo concerts in St. Petersburg than once again proves the continuing interest to the creativity. CAFE again begin touring the country, giving concerts in Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Tula, and in September 2009, taking part in the famous festival MAMAKABO. January 5, 2010 was a big solo concert in Petersburg CAFE DC Leningrad City Council. In addition, the musicians CAFE (Smirnov, Starodubtsev) take part in the project of Fedor Chistyakov "Chistyakov Band." In December 2010, the last full-scale releases a new album, three in the morning, including including duets with Chizh, Mikhail Boyarsky and Marina Kapoor. August 3, 2011 in St. Petersburg club CAFE JAGGER with the full house celebrated its 15th anniversary. In 2011, the group changed. Group becomes the new drummer Vlad Manuilov and bassist place, depending on the repertoire of the concert program, take Nail Kadyrov and Arthur Kestner, over the years has played in the CAFE

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