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There are more than one artist under name "Introvert" 1. Introvert (Metallic Hardcore band from Brisbane, Australia) Metallic Hardcore/Dark Punk Todd - Vocals Darcy - Guitar Sko - Drums Jordan - Bass Starting in the early months of 2010, Introvert (then known as Make or Break) originally began playing melodic hardcore taking after artists such as Verse and Have Heart. After a few shows and multiple bassists, the band decided they wanted something heavier, darker while also staying true to the bands love for punk, finding inspiration from artists such as The Chariot, Dangers, Trap Them and Converge. The 2010 demo is currently being mixed, to be released officially by November. 2. Introvert (melodic techno artist from finland) bio: After inspired by melodica sessions in childhood and tracker composing as a teenager Jukka Varis aka Introvert started doing music more seriously in year 2000. Around the same time he was really into electronic music, first influenced by The Prodigy and Orbital. After doing a bootleg remix of Björk's "Joga" just for fun, it suddenly became bigger after James Zabiela spinned it in his Essential Mix in 2004. After this Introvert interested in doing more music (progressive house at the time) and got first release on Aurium records. After moving to a Helsinki from a small village in northern Finland Introvert got mainly into techno. Also idm and more experimental electronic music has been always one of the favourites. Today Introvert finds melodic techno to be most interesting to produce which contains a bit from both genres. Now as he has been influenced by many kinds of music genres he finds also nature, art, four seasons, movies, nightlife, different people, different places and everything else happening in personal life as an inspiration in music making. His continuous quest for new intriguing sounds is inspired by the will not to get bored by music and producing. One of the main ideas in Introvert's music for now is to break the genre limit and keep music interesting for different kind of listeners. This can also be heard in his dj sets - everything from melodic techno to ambient and idm is present in his mixes. The words "original", "emotionally attractive", "artistic", "moody" and "experimental" could be the best to describe Introvert's sound. Also, there's a hint of nostalgia and psychedelic around it. It gives people different moods and visions, something to listen closely to and to think about, and it works on the dancefloor too. "For me, the melodies and different moods has been always important in music and mosly they come from my personal feelings in my productions. That's why my music is always changing but still I'm trying to keep my own touch on it rather than trusting on the formulas and i really like to listen the producers doing the same at the time of minimal techno trend for example." says artist himself. In about six years introvert's tracks have been supported by variety of different dj's: John Digweed, Darren Emerson and Funk 'D Void for example. Lately, long time (detroit) techno producer Orlando Voorn interested in Introvert's tracks and some of them got signed to his label "Nightvision" which started running originally early 90's. "Lemon Days / Times We Live" ep released in summer 2008 and Introvert's first artist album is going to be released on the same label in nearly future. 3. Introvert (Rock band) bio: The music of Introvert is an experience in passion and harmony. The combinations of sound that make up the group’s debut CD "Human" resemble layers of moods rather than the original instruments used to create them. Instead of songs, ideas thread together a theme that binds this full-length CD: simply "What does it mean to be human?" Introvert was first formed in the fall of 2000 by Lead Vocalist Mike Boudet and Rhythm Guitarist Orlando Jimenez. Boudet, a computer programmer for a failed Miami-based Internet start-up, had released two solo efforts under the pseudonym "Lounge Act." He wrote, recorded and produced a five-song EP "Enjoy the Cancer" in 1995 and the full-length CD "Introvert" in 1998, from which Boudet’s current project got its name. Boudet met Jimenez while auditioning musicians for the live show to support Lounge Act’s first release in 1995. Jimenez, who had been searching for a musical home for some time, was becoming frustrated with a dwindling Miami music scene when a friend showed him a Lounge Act interview in a local arts paper. He joined Boudet a few days later. Lounge Act’s live effort also included Introvert Drummer Oscar Guardado, but it was complex and tedious. After only a handful of shows, the band split up, and Boudet sold his share of Tapeworm, the North Miami-based recording studio he helped found. He was out of music for two years until the summer of 2000, when Boudet & Jimenez ran into each other at a concert. They discussed working together on new material, and immediately it all clicked. Originally intended to be the third Lounge Act release, "Human" took on a life of its own -- to the extent that a new name seemed most appropriate. To the duo, Introvert best represented the band’s new direction, darker theme and ominous character. To bring their music to the world, Boudet and Jimenez first called on Bassist Jesus Rodriguez, a veteran of the local music scene who had shed his long hair for an office job with the Miami office of a large public relations firm. Close friends since their mid-teens, Rodriguez and Boudet had been in each other’s very first band, and it was Boudet who first persuaded Rodriguez to learn the bass in 1989. Instantly impressed with the music of Introvert, Rodriguez brought in Lead Guitarist Charles Hill, an "introverted" virtuoso with whom he had worked on a previous project. Together, the four musicians breathed life into the vision of Boudet and Jimenez. Introvert added Guardado in December 2001, and the band’s first live performance came on January 26, 2002. Today, the group continues to amaze with a sound that speaks to the hearts of its audience. 4. Introvert (Hardcore/Downtempo band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania) Members: Eric Fletcher - Guitar/Bass Connor Welsh - Drums/Vocals Live Lineup: Connor Welsh - Vocals John Hillman - Guitar John Webb - Bass Brandon Webb - Drums Eric Fletcher - Programming/Effects Facebook | Bandcamp

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