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Kwan is a hip hop/pop music group from Helsinki, Finland. Most visible members of the band are the two vocalists Mariko (Mari Liisa Pajalahti) and Tidjan (Ossi Bah Tidiane). The band started as a hip hop act, but nowadays the songs contain more singing than rapping. The first album, Dynasty, sold platinum in Finland, the second one, The Die Is Cast double platinum. Trivia: In spring 2007, lead vocalist Mariko is participating in the Finnish season 2 of Dancing with the Stars, dancing with Aleksi Seppänen. Contrary to expectations and despite having no ballroom dancing background whatsoever, she has set the floor on fire time after time, eventually becoming the odds-on favourite to go all the way and win the competition. On 22 April 2007 they beat Sari Siikander and Mikko Ahti to win the final.1

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