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Marquess is a German pop band established in 2006 in Hanover. The group predominantly sings songs in Spanish. Marquess Brilliant sunshine, white sandy beach, the sound of the sea, quiet evenings in a Spanish Finca for table tennis, good food and a view over the Andalusian width - sounds like a perfect vacation to relax from everyday stress. But the four guys from Marquess Andalucia, the town of Motril in not showing the rest! Although it almost constantly on tour since three years, musicians have the success this holiday paradise just their fourth album in a row added to. "We selected six weeks break in 2008 and indulged in the end we had in 2009 actually made any album production in order not to put pressure. Nevertheless, we sat together and have always written - with great ideas. One can say that this album from pleasure in music and in the letter originated is the simple, " explained the guys. Four albums in four years, Top 10 hits, platinum and gold awards in Europe, countless live gigs, TV appearances at home and abroad, echo-nomination - the history of Marquess reads like the dream of every musician! But Marquess do not simply rest on the success: After a well deserved break thoroughbred musicians are now the words with a new album in the wings. "Compañia del Sol" is the latest work and is called the guys - so far they have songs on their own albums all arranged, produced and performed - particularly the heart. "In recent months, we felt that we had music to the point we are with. We are totally satisfied with the result and had a lot of fun at the songwriting , the band. Studio in Spain have chosen quite deliberately, the Marquess himself to the language and the Andalusian flair inspired to make from there. appear so in time for summer sun-charged new songs with that special Latin American flair, with a touch of flamenco and a lot of joy. During the recordings guys, the four local support also brought: and singers from Spain and South America provide the choir for the authentic sound - and turned the studio in a very short time into a dance floor. Singers "We had a great sense of unity, have sung together, jammed and celebrated - we hope it shows the songs to " to report Marquess of the recordings. Four albums in four years - and no sign of fatigue! The success is strength: After the debut album "Marquess" In 2006, the successor " Frenetica "(2007) square brilliant 2 of the German charts and went platinum, gold and various awards in Europe. " Ya! " placed 7th place, and gold in 2008 after using. Whether the beach bars, to summer festivals and in clubs - its Spanish feel-good music gave the band from Hanover for three years in Europe, the consequence of summer hits. With Already the first single "El Temperamento" (2006) Top reached 10 in Germany . " Vayamos Companeros "made it 2007 even to number two - platinum status, the Radio Regenbogen Award as the best summer and a place in the all-time Top-10 of the Latin-pop hits in Germany (Source: RTL Chart Show) included! With the top 15 hit " La Histeria "and" La vida es limonada "then the four boys provided the soundtrack to the summer of 2008. Since 2006, successful musicians are thus almost permanently on the charts: with its six singles and three albums they were a total of 161 weeks in the Top 100 album charts represented. However, not only in Germany inspired Marquess of Spanish hits and summer rhythms: So far, they celebrated in eleven countries, Top 10 hits, among other things, they were number one in the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece and Switzerland. And in Sweden, they conquered the charts - and were the first German band Rammstein to the market it has done in the top 10 on the Swedish. This huge success was crowned 2008: Sascha , Marco , Christian and Dominic have been for the echo - of the year "band most prestigious German award -" Best of the. A reward for the hard work of passionate musicians. "None of us have all the success expected. It's great that we own, individual style and thus also have our success are - is the biggest for a musician! The " says the band from Hannover. And the new album " Compañia del Sol "promises with Spanish songs full of life once again great hit potential. The success story, " Marquess is reminiscent of the cult band Gipsy Kings. " "Of course there are parallels in the musical vibes, but also in history: The Gipsy Kings were not all Spaniards - and yet have the language sung, because it is a great musical language simple. And just as we were for years for high-quality summer music and were a great live band, " explained Marquess . We may have unconsciously our music exactly as found a place and who knows - maybe we can do more than just fill a gap even ", the four musicians hope to right. With " Compañia del Sol "Marquess do further work on their success and stay true to her. The first single, " Arriba "(release 26.06.) again transported a lot of joie de vivre. Arriba shows the fun, make music together to motivate each other and nothing it get to be carried in the process. " Sascha, Marco, Christian and Dominic want as long continue, as the audience of music can inspire her - perhaps even longer than the Gipsy Kings. Marquess: Frenetica After their furious music starting with " Vayamos Compañeros "(currently No. 2) put MARQUESS with " Frenetica "now album after that: Twelve Songs, in temperament, holiday mood and rhythm are bursting with the - yet to show that the quartet musically far more is able to make than just the "One Hit Wonder" of the Summer Pops. (Although MARQUESS brought the miracle of the same in two consecutive years to produce the definitive summer hit.) The independence of the four artists - they are together all the compositions, manufacturing and importing the instruments responsible for - welded together and makes the album to Concept: Like pearls on a string of rows in Spanish / Latin American songs together and prove to the other, the versatility of the band and the art quite well to produce a timeless hits after. The very first track, " Mañana ", transposed the audience in southern climes, with the ocean and the smell of strong Spanish coffee. MARQUESS Christian Fleps: "The song was actually one morning. He describes the feeling of happiness, boys in the morning sun to sit with good, to smoke a cigarette and drinking coffee, without plans, without stress. " For the development of the new album, the band had retired for a while on a Majorcan finca in the south east of the island. In the living room of the finca built the boys a makeshift control room and the kitchen was suitable because of the surround sound as recording location. Whether before breakfast or late at night - when the band were always song ideas, these were implemented immediately and recorded music. The joint work of the Quartet welded together even more. To friendship between the buddies is also available in "Vayamos Compañeros , "the first single. Marco Heggen: "In the weeks on Mallorca, there was of course difficult situations with each other and controversial discussions about musical content. The uncertainty surrounding the success or failure practiced beyond a certain Pressure, friendship several times to the test put the. " Compañeros Vayamos "is the song, the completion of a kind of euphoric relief from these phases represented and says how important it is to difficult situations together to keep straight. Since the word "compañeros" translated equally colleagues and pals means song is symbolic of the Marquess . " "En España," in turn is due to the kitchen - situation arose in the finca. The band wondered why just the kitchen was placed so larger than life. Then quickly a suitable explanation was found: In Spain, the kitchen just bigger, so that in them not only cook but can dance as well. Accordingly, "En españa" a fiery - become more cheerful song that brings pepper in any kitchen. " You And Not Tokio (feat. SAM) "shows that MARQUESS quite a ballad size has also. It is a love story between California and Tokyo described a duet in two languages. Sascha Pierro on the fifth track, "" No importa "is about the important things in life now is money not and that's why many people are poor, the rich are economically and vice versa things. The band is the small in life more important than fame and power. " Track 6 is the " Spanish Single Version "of the big hits of last year's MARQUESS , " El Temperamento ", with the band its reputation as the definitive summer-founded the Rhythm Combo. With " La discoteca serve "us four Spanish Disco-Feeling the. And in the following song "Puerta de la noche" they stay on topic: It is in this song a night owl, lights and shadows of the night in the city and takes up slowly slipping from reality. A South American origin, however, has "incredible radio." The textual source was created in Buenos Aires, where Marco Heggen beginning of the year was. The problems of the Argentine people, in particular by corruption and censorship, have been the `radio` Incredibles processed. The song is about a fictitious radio station that only with the real problems of his listener is concerned, while their voice is. " Todo bien Mariha (Feat. Mariha) "is a funny memory of that day when Mariha MARQUESS visited - and the easy "everything good." " Los sientoy adios " is a perfect, poignant ballad, perfect for two same evening. Dominik Decker concluding song "Dove ti porta": "The Italian ballad" Dove ti porta "interpreted the feeling of a man sad moments to respect in, go let him say to one's own love him can not keep." Typical of MARQUESS is to " Frenetica "again that MARQUESS unlike many colleagues aware of the Spanish musical form of expression selected as. MARQUESS : The reason is due to our love for the Spanish and South American music and culture, and the other in the specific phonetics of Spanish. Since there is hardly a second language is one that has so many variations and dialects. "All songs by the band recorded and produced. Only on the drums and the winds guest musicians were invited. There remains finally the question to answer, as the album's name came to be. MARQUESS : "The work on the island on the album for us was inspiring, moving and - frenetically. And by " Frenetica " We were just these strong feelings to combine all. "

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