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My Indigo

On Thursday November 9, 2017 – Sharon den Adel joined the Dutch TV show RTL Late Night. She was announced as “She is world famous with the band Within Temptation, but it’s time for something new“. Sharon revealed details about her solo project “My Indigo“, and explained the future of Within Temptation. Sharon explained; “We never expected it to get out of control this big. The idea was to bring this big. People might’ve expected me to join the Eurovision Song Contest where this was going to be announced in the same time period being, but there were a lot of people with weird and big ideas. No, I’m not pregnant of my fourth child – haha!” Of course, the future of Within Temptation was discussed as well; “Two years ago, when I came back from tour, I had this writers block. Someone within my family became sick and I tried to pull myself from the band. I’ve been busy with the band for over twenty years, now it was time for me to take some time for myself, to figure things out. A solo project was never planned, but just happened to me. The songs are personal, a mechanism to cope with things, it was never my first intention to share any of this work, until now. I needed this to regain my love for the band.” “My Indigo” is a 80s influenced track. A part of the music video, which will be released soon, was previewed at the TV show; “”My Indigo” is about the undying love for someone. But also the hurt that comes along with it. Getting to know people, new people, and the fact that they might be different as expected, that’s what “My Indigo“, my first solo single, is about.” A new band for “My Indigo” will be formed shortly. The members of Within Temptation will remain band members or Within Temptation and their own solo projects, but will not join Sharon den Adel on stage with her solo project. She chose to create a new band, to be independent. “I needed to create this, plus to get new band members, to find my peace back. Also to gain love for Within Temptation back. I have no clue how fans will react. Some might love it, others who like heavy music might not. This is a personal project, and I’m ready to release this. Robert will not have any part in “My Indigo”, no. He’s too busy babysitting – haha!” November 10, 2017 – “My Indigo” will be available at all online streaming services.

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