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1. Blossoms are a psychedelic rock band formed in 2013 from Stockport, United Kingdom. The band consists of Tom Ogden (vocals/guitar), Charlie Salt, (bass/backing vocals), Josh Dewhurst (lead guitar), Joe Donovan (drums) and Myles Kellock (keyboards/backing vocals). Their first release was the EP Blossom. In addition Blossoms have released two singles, Blow and Cut Me And I'll Bleed, the latter on record label Skeleton Key Records. 2. Blossoms is the alias of Melbourne electronic artist, Justin Cantrell. He has just self-released his debut EP, meeting places. Featuring 4 tracks, including re-takes on previously released singles, ‘Eyes On You’ and ‘Come Together’, the EP encompasses the progression and maturing nature of Cantrell as an artist as well as an ever evolving soundscape that lends itself to elements of chillwave, beats, ambient, dreampop, lo-fi and plenty more. With an emphasis on live instrumentation, as well as distorted vocals, we feel that Blossoms definitely provides something special within a booming scene, whilst also maintaining an air of accessibility for punters from all circles. meeting places takes all these elements and brings them together to create a world of woozy layered synths and textured samples – before wrapping them up with an overall air of honesty in each recording.

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