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"Dalida" was a pseudonym of Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti (1933-1987), also known as يولاندا كريستينا جيجليوتي and, following French naturalisation, Yolanda Gigliotti, was a singer of Italian origin, who made her career in France. She received fifty-five gold records, and was the first female singer to get a diamond disc. Born on the 17th January 1933 in Shoubra, Cairo, Egypt, she was the child of an opera violinist, and was given singing lessons at an early age. She developed into a beautiful young lady and, in 1954, she won the Miss Egypt beauty contest and immediately left for Paris, France, to pursue a career in motion pictures. Despite her looks, her first films were less than successful, but she began performing in music halls and cabarets, singing in French, Italian, Arabic in which she was fluent, and other languages. Using the stage name Dalida she recorded songs; her second single titled "Bambino" brought instant fame. In 1957, she appeared at the Paris Olympia as the opening act for Charles Aznavour and later the same year for Gilbert Bécaud. She would go on to record in several languages, touring the globe including sold-out performances, in late 1978, at Carnegie Hall in New York City. During her career, Dalida recorded 500 French songs, 200 of which were translated into Italian, and 300 into other languages. She sold more than 150 million albums world-wide, winning numerous awards, and achieving more than seventy gold records. Yet, despite her fame and fortune, her personal life was difficult and filled with much drama and tragedy. In 1961 she married her mentor Lucien Morisse, but the marriage lasted only a few months, and she left him for the painter Jean Sobieski (later the father of American actress Leelee Sobieski). A few years later, her still distraught ex-husband died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. In 1967 her new lover, the Italian singer, Luigi Tenco also took his own life, and Dalida too attempted suicide. She was living with the flamboyant and less than reputable Richard Chanfray (referred to as the Comte de St Germain) when he took his own life in July 1983. She recovered from these tragedies and continued to perform, but by her own accounts, life had little meaning and she spent years searching for personal fulfillment, including traveling to Nepal to study the Hindu religion. She died on the 3rd May 1987 as a result of an overdose of sleeping pills, leaving behind a suicide note that said: "Life has become unbearable ... forgive me." 2) A mononym of a young Lebanese singer living in Kuwait. She released two albums, "Tedalal" (2005) and "Eltegaina" (2008) and she filmed 3 video clips "Wadel Ma'i", "Haram" & "Eltegaina". 3) Back from the dead in Moselle (France), DALIDA is reborn, her squint is now a blindness and her voice a strident groan. Obsessed by Krautrock band alienating repetitions, she modifies her repertoire, no more poignant songs, she's now exploring the sonic transe. « Nobody have to steal our own death, it's a part of our life, that's why it's really important to live this moment » Terrestrial incarnation : Klaus Legal and DaiKiRi (members of Le Singe Blanc, Judas Donneger, La Race, Myster Möebius...)

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