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At the very tender age of five, before she even started to learn english, Zeebee trilled out Suzi Quattro songs at the bus stop. at the same time, all the FM and AM classic and jazz radio stations also suffered Zeebee's vocal experiments (mum's tape recorder too). the most famous composers were being given the Zeebee treatment... At 17 the story moved to england/birmingham. there, practically overnight Zeebee became involved in the spectacular pig bag tour. chris lee & roger freeman from pig bag planned a tour of north america's clubs, staying in one hotel room together with Zeebee. unfortunately, Zeebee's parents exercised a minor's veto... someday Zeebee had to return to austria, where she was able to overcome the german culture shock, refusing to speak german and instead preferring to sing in english. Zeebee meets KREML, Austrian techno-freaks, and together with them establishes D-SIRE. With D-SIRE, Zeebee gains many indie fans in switzerland, austria and canada. the D-SIRE LP "Moving back and forward" becomes a classic for many electronic-minded music fans. D-SIRE was produced by "Eisbär" productions Off Course Records in switzerland. the single release was on the playlist of the then magnificent DRS 3 radio station for almost a whole year. Zeebee has to start thinking seriously about earning some money. she devotes herself to copywriting. starts her own career, so to speak, and works with D-SIRE on a second LP, which never sees the light of day. Zeebee opens her own writing agency, takes flying-lessons, dreams of a career as an acrobatic pilot and still carries on giving music the Zeebee treatment in private, teaching herself how to record and produce tracks using Pro Tools and other great facilities. for pure personal pleasure she joins the jazzy "Anabolica" and the funky "Orange Coffee". In the year 1999 Zeebee starts to work via internet with the most diverse songwriters from all over the world. drawing from many influences, Zeebee creates hypnotic soundscapes that push the boundaries of all kinds of electronic and acoustic music.

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