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Adan Jodorowskys roots, as well as his surreal style, are based in the South American continent. Add this to a cosmopolitan education, and the result is a brilliant musician who is receptive to a wide range of influences. Surrounded by a range of talented artists such as Giovanni Mirabassi, Frank Vaillant, Laurent Griffon, Steve Arguelles, Jérôme Goldet, John Handelsman and Yarol Poupaud since 2003, Adanowsky has earned the reputation of being one of the craziest performers around. You could even say that he can now be compared to his heroes, men such as Wilson Pickett and Sammy Davis Jr. On the new CD Etoile Eternelle, the frenzied pace sometimes gives way for more intimate moments. Like a Tom Waits with Chilean or Mexican blood, Adanowsky creates heady ballads such as No and Yo Soy, and poignant confessions with Estoy Mal and Poudre DAnge. The pop feel of songs such as LIdole often goes hand in hand with malicious acidity (La course des Rats) and bitterness (Tuez-Vous, Tuez-Vous). The latin influence comes out with the languorous and tragic El Muerto Vivo. Adanowsky is joined by Arthur H, a musician also used to smoky piano bars, for the duet Compagnon du Ciel. An accomplished showman and only 27, Adanowsky is a talented lyricist and composer, but also a sequinned magician always seeking to amuse and amaze.

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