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Blue Foundation

Blue Foundation is a band founded in 2000 by producer and singer Tobias Wilner. The band is based in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Since 2008 their line-up has consisted of Tobias Wilner (producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist) and Bo Rande (co-producer, multi-instrumentalist). Best known for their songs '"Eyes on Fire" from the Twilight Saga and "Sweep" from Michael Mann's Miami Vice. History: Blue Foundation is the brainchild of Tobias Wilner. Tobias Wilner grew up in a broken home in Copenhagen Denmark. When he was 17 he was forced to move from his home. In the next 8 years he moved restless from one place to another. Staying at friends places in London, small artist places in Copenhagen. He made his living out of DJ'ing and composing music for Contemporary Dance Pieces and Art films. Next to creating music he did skateboarding. He got his first skateboard when he was 10 years and to this day he still sees skateboarding as a part of his life and a big influence on his music. Blue Foundation started out in 2000 based on Tobias Wilner, aka Bichi's cooperation with various artists and musicians. The music can be described as a mix of Dream pop, electronica and shoegaze. Blue Foundation released their first 7" via Moshi Moshi Records and their first, self-titled album was released shortly thereafter. During the past several years, Blue Foundation have expanded their audience, embracing both the underground and the alternative mainstream. Blue Foundation's music has been featured in major films such as Twilight,Miami Vice and the TV series The O.C., So You Think You Can Dance. Blue Foundation released their third album Life of a Ghost on Astralwerks. In 2003 Bo Rande join Tobias Wilner and together they record Blue Foundation's second album Sweep of Days. In March 2004 Tobias Wilner recorded the song Decks-Athron with DJ Krush and former member of Blue Foundation Tatuki Oshima. Tobias Wilner contribute with abstract soundscape and bass lines. The song is released on the DJ Krush album Jaku on Sony BMG Music Entertainment September 7, 2004. October 2005 Tobias Wilner release an album with his side project Bichi. The title of the album is Notwithstanding and is released by Thomas Knak on his label Hobby Industries. The style is Modern Classical, IDM and Downtempo. Some of the Bichi work will later turn in to Blue Foundation songs. The Blue Foundation song This is Goodbye from the movie Manslaughter was original the instrumental song Revolve In The Sun/My Footfalls Are Superfluous from the album Notwithstanding. Also the Bichi song It Begins, featured in the movie Waking Madison by Katherine Brooks, is re-recorded and later released in a Blue Foundation version. February 1, 2009 Tobias Wilner establish DPC Records, mainly to release his own material as Blue Foundation, Bichi and his band Ghost Society. Later that year Blue Foundation received double platinum in USA for the Twilight Soundtrack. The album was certified double platinum on April 16, 2009. Tobias Wilner also record the Blue Foundation song Watch you Sleeping with singer songwriter Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon) and former member Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg. Watch you Sleeping is released as a single on DPC. May 16, 2011 Tobias Wilner contribute with two songs as Blue Foundation for the soundtrack of the award winning documentary film Tankograd by director Boris Bertram. One of the songs signals a change in female vocalist. The lead vocal is done by Sara Savery (Ghost Society and People Press Play). Tobias Wilner also compose the soundtrack for the short film Go All Day featuring professional skateboarder Chaz Ortiz . Directed by Steve Berra and Colin Kennedy. Produced by Gatorate and The Berrics. The score is later released as the Blue Foundation single Red Hook in a cooperation between The Berrics and DPC Records. Blue Foundation is joining Apparatjik as a part of a live performance at The Festival of New Art, Graz Austria on October 15, 2011. Blue Foundation has announced a new album release in May 2012. Influences: When Blue Foundation started out Tobias Wilner was influenced by bands like My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab, Broadcast, Can, DJ Krush, Friction and Faust.

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