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Grand Tourism

Grand Tourism may be French, but they aren't Cassius (not that hyper), they aren't Dimitri (not that kitschy), they aren't Kid Loco (not that stoned), and they aren't Daft Punk (not that '80s disco). Grand Tourism are a group of boys who know their bass; slung way low on the ocean floor beneath the shimmering waves of "Hybrid Story" and "Sweet Sitar Street," bombing down from overhead atop the eerie keys of "Le Surboomer," and creeping like ivy up the walls of your consciousness on "Act of Love." The band's instinct for vocals are slightly less dependable. Jazz-folk legend Terry Callier's soulful croon sweetens "Les Courants d'Air," and Ken Norris's fresh, unadorned reading on "Act of Love" practically makes the album, but Angie B. on "Romantic Hold Up" and the uncredited guy who won't shut up on "Sweet Sitar Street" don't make the cut with deliveries that are far too contrived for an album that so often speaks to the simple pleasures of laidback, funky house.

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