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Sogdiana (Russian: Согдиана), sometimes with the last name Fedorinskaya (Федоринская), is the artist name of the Uzbek singer Nechitaylo Oksana Vladimirovna (Нечитайло Оксана Владимировна), born February 17, 1984 in Tashkent with Ukrainian Pabrade. She sings in Russian, Ukrainian, Uzbek, French, English and Chechen. Some of the songs she wrote herself. She has also written songs for other artists. Her name alludes to the old kingdom Sogdiana partly consistent with today's Uzbekistan. She has described herself as shy, taciturn and introvert, but her trained voice is strong, safe and soulfull and refers to Whitney Houston. As their role models, she said Sofia Rotaru, Queen, Lara Fabian, Mariah Carey, Ofra Haza and said Whitney Houston. Her first album came back in 2001 but was hardly outside the borders of Uzbekistan. But in 2005 she won second prize at the music festival "Discovery" in Varna in Bulgaria. As a result she was invited to the Festival "Canzoni dal Mondo" in Italy, where she received an award as best singer. Shortly afterwards came her second album Meaning Shahzodam ( "my prince", 2005, Tashkent). The same year she participated in the role of Jasmine in the Uzbek movie "Nasreddin Hodja." In 2006 she was involved in the Russian talent hunt fabrika zvezd 6 (Star Factory), but did not reach the final. But she became known throughout Russia, with hits like Serdtse-Magnit ( "heart magnet"), which she also sang on the show together with Podozhdi. Later she released the singles Veter Dognat ( "catch up with the wind," origin lien "Orzularim) and Eto ne son ( "it's not a dream," original "Meni Esla"). Orzularim and Meni Esla she wrote together with Ravil Gimazutdinov (Равиль Гимазутдинов) for the movie "Sogdiana" which premiered in November 2006, directed by Bahrom Jakubova (Бахром Якубов). Serdtse.magnit was 20 weeks on the Russian top, which gave her a statuette at the Russian music gala Golden grammofonen in November. She received several other awards in Uzbekistan. In April 2007 she married a businessman. The wedding was held in a temple in Malaysia. That same month released the song Sinee (blue clouds), which also was 20 weeks on top and earned her a second statuette in the autumn gramophone gala. In October she gave birth to a son who was named Arjun. At the gala Новые и Старые песни о главном (new and old songs) in December she sang Lyubov Nastala ( "Love on Arrival") previously sung by Roza Rymbajeva (Роза Рымбаева, born 1957). She got a son with him called Ardjun, but now they have divorced. In the end of this summer she is marrying the hockey coach. Bashir Kushtov. Her third album, which is the first outside of Uzbekistan, came in February 2008. In addition to her previous hits included several new songs: Aladdin ( "Aladdin"), Dva Ognya ( "two fires"), Begi ( "spring"), Tolko dva serdtsa ( "just two hearts") and Ne Ostavlyay ( "do not go "). Her latest single is called Vspominay Menya (Remember Me) and it's also her latest video. Now she's shooting a new video clip for the song "Na Vostok ot Edema" in S:t Petersburg, Discography: Moya Dusha (2001) Mening Shahzodam (2005) Serdtse-Magnit(Сердце-Магнит) (2008) Эдем(Edem) (2011) official sites: www.sogdianamusic.ru www.myspace.com/sogdiana www.sogdiana.sb.uz sogdianochka.narod.ru other: www.sogdiana.org www.imdb.com/name/nm2450844 www.rusradio.ru/air/zg/members/889078 www.fabrika-6.ru/category/uchastniki/sogdiana/ sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sogdiana_(sångare) tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sogdiana_(şarkıcı)

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