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Nico & Vinz

Nico & Vinz (former Envy) are Nicolay Sereba and Vincent Dery from Norway. After an amazing performance at the music industry festival By:Larm in Oslo, Norway, the duo made their selves well known to the Norwegian public in 2011. That year they released the hit single “One Song”, toured the entire country and won the Spellemann (the Norwegian equivalent to a Grammy award) for best music video. Envy released their debut album “The Magic Soup and The Bittersweet Faces” in 2012 and have kept a low profile since– until now. The duo has spent this past year writing new music and are now back with a vengeance. The single “Am I Wrong” was released in April 2013 all over Scandinavia, and is currently one of this summer’s most played and sold singles in all of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Nico and Vincent are both born and raised in Oslo, Norway. They write all songs themselves and are working with different producers. William “Nastykutt” Wiik Larsen produced “Am I Wrong”. Nico & Vinz are signed to Warner Bros US.

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