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Airi Suzuki

Name: Suzuki Airi (鈴木愛理) Birth Date: 1994-04-12 Nickname: Ai-chan, Airiin, Osuzu Blood Type: B Height: 158 cm Birthplace: Chiba, Japan Hobbies: Purikura, singing, dancing Special Skill: Y-shape balance, singing Strong Point: I get along with everyone! Weak Point: Once I start talking, I can't stop! Habit: Touching my bangs Favorite Color: White, light blue, pink, black Favorite Flower: Lily, hibiscus Disliked Thing/Thing to do: I can't touch bugs! Scared of: Haunted houses, lightning Favorite Movie: Ghibli series, "Harry Potter," "Lilo & Stitch," "The Lord of the ring" Favorite Things: Diamond ring, "chung chung," Beautiful things Favorite Book: "Magic Tree House," "Atashinchi," "Zerori" Favorite Word: "Arigatou" (thank you) Favorite Season: Spring (birthday), fall (not that many bugs) Favorite Food: Chinjao Rosu, tacos, green bell peppers, tomato spaghetti, monjayaki, sushi, natto Favorite City: Hong Kong ,New York ,Tokyo ,Vancouver Least Favorite Food: Sweet carrots next to hamburger steaks, mini tomatoes, parsley, celery, cauliflower Favorite Song: FIRST KISS Charm Point: Ears ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Airi Suzuki (鈴木 愛理, Suzuki Airi?), born April 12, 1994 in Gifu but raised in Chiba, Japan, is a Japanese pop singer and currently member of idol groups °C-ute and Hello! Project Kids. Both of her parents, Touru and Kyoko Suzuki, are professional golfers, although her mother had already retired. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In 2002, Suzuki participated and passed, along with 14 other girls, the audition of Hello! Project Kids after performing Kimochi wa Tsutawaru by BoA. She made her first appearance in the entertainment industry as a member of 4Kids, a temporary group that appeared in Mini Moni's movie Mini Moni ja Movie: Okashi na Daibōken!, which was released in early 2003. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Later in the same year, Suzuki was assigned to another temporary group Aa! along with Reina Tanaka from Morning Musume and fellow Hello! Project Kids member Miyabi Natsuyaki. Their lone single, First Kiss, was released on October 29, 2003. By the time of the release, she was 9 years, 6 months and 17 days old and was the youngest lead singer on any Hello! Project single. She was assigned as a member of ℃-ute, whose formation was announced on June 11, 2005, along with seven other Hello! Project Kids members. Furthermore, it was announced on July 21, 2007 that Suzuki will participate in a new unit named Buono! with Momoko Tsugunaga and Miyabi Natsuyaki from Berryz Kobo.

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