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Natan formed in January 2002 as a Melodic Black Metal band and started playing concerts in Belgium and Holland shortly after that. Also in 2002 a 8 track demo CD 'Akeldama' was recorded, and received good critics. In 2004 and 2005 the status of the band got boosted by their memorable gigs in Germany, Switzerland and Holland, and with the release of the 'Nevel' EP. The songs from the Nevel CD also got released on a split CD on the Mexican label Atolinga Records. Despite the band being slowed down constantly due to line-up changes and some members' absence because of professional reasons the band managed to keep on going. In 2007 Natan toured Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France on a first 10 days European tour. After that, they began to write songs for the debut album, which they recorded early 2008, right before their first mini tour in Spain. After returning from Spain, Natan were signed by Iron Age Records from London for the debut album 'Het Zicht Van De Dood', released in September 2008. Now the train is rolling, with songs on many magazines' sampler CD's, great reviews, interviews and the first gigs in England and Scotland... Who's gonna stop them?

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