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There are at least 6 artists named Ginger. 1. Ginger is the lead singer and driving force behind The Wildhearts, once described by Kerrang! magazine as "the finest English Songwriter of his generation". As a solo artist, he has released 3 solo studio albums: Valor Del Corazón (2006), Yoni (2007) and Market Harbour (2008). Prior to these he also penned a series of monthly-released singles in 2003 (these were later compiled as the album A Break in The Weather in 2005). Other releases include the live acoustic albums Grievous Acoustic Behaviour: Live At 12 Bar (2001), Potatoes & You (2005), The Great White Monkey (released originally as 1CD edition in 2004 and then later in 2009 as a 2CD Special Edition), and Kiss Alive II (2011). Ginger is currently working on plans for a 4th solo studio album and tours regularly when not on the road with The Wildhearts. 2. Ginger was also a Canadian band formed by the three remaining members of The Grapes of Wrath after the departure of Kevin Kane. They released a self-titled EP and two albums, Far Out and Suddenly I Came To My Senses before The Grapes of Wrath reformed. 3. Ginger was also the musical name of adult film actress Ginger Lynna Allen & Janus Jarrow who released the single "Fantasy World" in 1986. 4. Ginger is a Swiss psychedelic blues-rock band founded in 2007. Also known as the 'Ginger Jamband' Ginger’s music is a blend of blues, funky and rocky elements, with a spoonful of 60’s psychedelia. Described as ‘tight riffs, crispy beats and wailing guitars’, “Ginger play as the old masters, but with the fire of youth” (Ragazzi Music). 5. Ginger are a French Melodic Hardcore band, who released their debut LP 'Dark Page Chronicles' in 2010. They play a style of Melodic Hardcore comparable to A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out etc. 6. Also an early 80s pop/rock band led by Trevor Spencer who had a minor chart hit in the Netherlands with "Blind Date".

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