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Brotherhood Of Man

Brotherhood of Man are a British pop group who achieved success in the 1970s. They won the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest with "Save Your Kisses for Me". Created in 1969 by songwriter and record producer Tony Hiller, Brotherhood of Man was initially an umbrella title for a frequently-changing line-up of session singers. Early on, they scored a worldwide hit with the song "United We Stand". By 1973 the concept had run its course and Hiller formed a definite four-member line-up consisting of Martin Lee, Lee Sheriden, Nicky Stevens and Sandra Stevens. This version of the group went on to score many hits around the world in the mid to late 1970s including "Kiss Me Kiss Your Baby", "Angelo", "Oh Boy (The Mood I'm In)" and "Figaro". They achieved perhaps their biggest success in their native UK with three number one singles and four top twenty albums. The group under this line-up still continues, performing shows throughout Europe. Altogether, they have released 16 studio albums, with worldwide sales topping 15 million records. After winning Eurovision, they had a string of hits in the UK, but long-term, continued success, proved to be elusive. Nevertheless, the triple chart topping UK vocal group, formed by record producer / composer, Tony Hiller, and which originally featured the well-travelled vocalist, Tony Burrows, broke the voting record for Eurovision, and sold well over 1 million copies of "Save Your Kisses For Me". Speaking with Songfacts about their #1 hit "Angelo" in a 2011 interview, Tony Hillier said: "Angelo, very simply, was based on perhaps the greatest love stories of all time, Romeo and Juliet. The beautiful young daughter of the richest man in the country and the handsome labourer working on the estate - they died for love." "Save Your Kisses For Me" was nominated as one of final five finalists in the 50th anniversary Eurovision concert held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in October 2005. Members Nicky Stevens (born on 3 December 1951, in Carmarthen, Wales). Sandra Stevens (23 November 1949, in Leeds, Yorkshire). Martin Lee (26 November 1949, in Surrey). Lee Sheriden (11 April 1949, in Bristol).

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