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Николай Носков

Nikolai Noskov (January 12, 1956, Gzhatsk) - Russian musician, singer and composer. Nikolay Noskov was born January 12, 1956 in Gzhatsk Smolensk region (now Gagarin). Professional music education has not. Since childhood, participated in amateur groups. At age 14, won the first prize as the best singer in the competition of the North-West region. Self-taught learned to play the piano, guitar and drums, while serving in the Armed Forces of the USSR played the trumpet. [1] Nikolay Noskov participated in joint projects with many domestic and foreign composers and musicians, including Aleksandr Zatsepin and Eduard Artemyev. Since 1981, the Sox played with the ensemble "Moscow", which in 1982 as lead singer and guitarist, under David Tukhmanov, recorded the album "UFO" in the firm "Melody". Later, it was the main soloist of "Singing the heart." In 1987 he performed several songs for the film "The Island of Lost Ships". From 1987 he worked in the group of "Gorky Park" as the lead vocalist and songwriter. Together with the masters of rock Jon Bon Jovi and Klaus Meine (Scorpions) in 1989 and 1990 respectively recorded songs, performed a duet. HH stage TsKiOM Severodvinsk, 2009 Song Nikolay Noskov «Bang!» Is the first line in the charts in the U.S. on radio stations and in Scandinavia it recognized song of the year. Video clip of the song rose to the third line in the charts MTV. Album «Gorky Park» in 1989, took 81 th place in the list of hundred most popular albums of the magazine «Billboard», and in Denmark was recognized gold album sales. In 1993 he started a solo career, creating a group of "Nicholas." With it, in 1994, recorded an album «Mother Russia» in English. Three concerts, where Sox made and as a director of photography, were presented at the State Kremlin Palace ("Breathing Silence", "Ra-arc", "On Time in the sky"). Most famous hits Nikolay Noskov - "Give me a chance," "Snow," "It's great," "Disturbia," "I love you", "I unfashionable" [2] "And on less I do not agree." Hobby musician: pottery. In 2011, announced that he had finished work on their new album, titled "It's worth it." This is the first album of the musician for five years, who explained he did not want to punch the new songs, because he does not like to rush

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