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Александр Зацепин

Aleksandr Sergeevich Zatsepin (b. 1926) - Russian composer, wrote the music to many popular films. The most famous are the composer's music, written by comedy Leonid Gaidai. In 1956, Alexander graduated from the Almaty Conservatory, piano (teacher EG Brusilovsky). He worked as a music studio designer at Kazakhfilm. In order to write music, often had to come to Moscow, since Kazakhfilm was not necessary conditions for work. As a result, the head of the Moscow Symphony Jazz Victor Knushevitsky Zatsepin proposed move to the capital of the Soviet Union. He has - music for films "The Woman Who Sings", "Soul," "Twelve Chairs". Today, his songs are known to everyone, he composed music for comedies by Leonid Gaidai's "Operation" s "and other adventures Shurik", "Prisoner of the Caucasus", "Diamond Hand", "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession." Widely known for the song "There's only a moment," Where does the childhood "," Just like everything. " Alexander Zatsepin was thrice married. A daughter and two grandchildren. His second wife was a Frenchwoman Zatsepin, 20 years he lived in France, and in 1988 returned to Moscow. Now married to the pianist, who taught the grandson of the composer playing the piano. In his own words, he is resting in Paris and works in Moscow.

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