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Vesna Zornik

In an endless ocean of human voices; there is probably only one, amongst thousands, that has the ability to profoundly affect you. Such a voice blows you away with its freshness, delivered by a mighty force that consumes you in its turbulent waters, only to be laid down on gentle shores; reborn. The voice of Vesna Zornik is like a never-ending romance, flavoured with an exquisite feeling for articulating musical tales which we can feel at home with. Yes, it is one of those preciously rare voices that has what it takes to fuse the “Mount Everests” of genres with ease, and is daring enough to transplant musical flora from distant worlds to a familiar terrain – hoping that it will also blossom here. And pleasantly fragrant those flowers are indeed – be they “folky”, scented with rosemary from the blushing cheeks of a wooed maiden, as sung in the Katalena band, or full of the scent of bursting, passionate Argentinean rhythm. Considerable time has passed since the heart of tango; driven by captivating accordion sounds, graceful body movements and the raw patina of old tunes; crossed the city borders of Buenos Aires and started beating globally. TangoApasionada, Vesna’s debut album made in Slovenia, is the place where all these classical, heartfelt tango songs get a warm and welcoming abode. TangoApassionada is indeed much more than domesticating the sensuous experience of tango. It is a confident and brave challenge to the predominant “tango = accordion + stiletto heels” equation. Pulsating electronic breath, unusual yet imaginative selections of instruments and lusciously passionate vocals generously open up an entirely new “tangoscape” to explore. Flirting with TangoApasionada is a truly dazzling affair where anything you thought you once knew about tango can melt away – leaving its innermost, passionate essence. Prepare to be mesmerized!

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