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Leonid Desyatnikov

Leonid Arkadievich Desyatnikov (born October 16, 1955, Kharkiv), russian composer. Work includes 5 operas ("Poor Liza", "Nobody Wants to Sing or Bavo-bravissomo, a Pioneer Anisimov", "Vitamin of the Growth", "Tsar Demyan", "Rosenthal's Children" - scandalous libretto by V. Sorokin :), ballet ("A Love Song in A Minor"), symphony ("Sacred Winter"), vocal cycles to poems by Rilke and OBERIU poets Kharms & Oleinikov, and instrumental variations on the themes of Astor Piazzola. His music has been performed at major European festivals, by the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Berlin Symphony Orchestra; he has collaborated with the violinist Gidon Kremer for a number of years. Film music includes: "Sunset", "Lost in Siberia", "Katia Izmailova", "Hammer and Sickle", "Giselle's Mania", "The Prisoner of the Mountains", "His Wife's Diary", "Moscow" and "The Evening near Moscow".

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