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Isaac Chambers

Hello i was previously known as "Psyzaak & the freakin durkka durr" but i have morphed back into my own name.....................The Last couple years have brought along alot of changes for me, mentally, physically and metabioticosimically....dunno if that is a word?! But anyways my brain has shifted and im spreading me wings and taking flight. I have started concentrating on playing instruments again, which has been huge in re-newing my inspiration towards music production. I am excited about the future and cant wait to see what comes outta my own head. The possibilities are endless. I am working on alot of different sounds, just throwing ideas around. My new tunes are ranging from slow dubs, blues, hip hop, hawaiian surf jams, through to deep tech house/trance and beaks all with a touch of organic glitch....... Its all about mixing electronic goodness with instrumental lushness. Basically I'm gunna make what ever i feel like, which means NO RULES! Anything that comes out of my brain is acceptable. Lets just go with the flow, and have some fun. No more boxes, JUST MUSIC! Thank you for the support.

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