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Narine Dovlatyan

Narine was born in 1991 in the village Malishka, region of Vayots Dzor. At 9 years old she moved to Yerevan. 2000-2002 she attended dance classes in the dance group "New Stars" and took part in many competitions. In 2002 she won a nomination "Miss Arabkir" in Junior beauty contest. In 2003 - Vice Miss Armenia. 2001-2003 Narine was the TV programmer in teenagers program called "The world of notes" in Yerevan TV . EDUCATION 2000-2002 she studied vocal at State Musical Theatre. 2005-2006 she studied jazz-vocal at State College of Culture . 2004-2005 Narine was a student of theatrical TV studio and at the meantime was acting and singing in the TV program called "3 uju 4" (Here we go) . 2008-2012 she studied at Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory, jazz-vocal department. Graduated with excellence. From her young age, she participated in various singing contests, such as “Crane” Festival (2000), Armenian Superstar (2007), “Debut” Jazz Contest (2009), Delfyan Games (2010) “New Wave” (2010-2012) and more. In 2009 she sang in “Two 4 the road” pop acoustic duo. 2010 - “Upstairs” jazz group, 2012 - “Penman” Jazz group. In 2012 she also started working with the Armenian State Jazz Band as a soloist. In 2015 Narine took a part in Tbilisi Jazz Fest with Imagine band. In 2016 Narine took a part in a concert organized in Le Plessis Robinson city (France) as a result of which she got a medal from the City Mayor. In 2010 she collaborated with Haik Solar & Arni Rock, which resulted in her most popular song and one of the most well known songs in Armenia. “Beautiful Sunday" - music by Narine Dovlatyan, Haik Solar & Arni Rock. Her first music video was for this song. In 2011 and 2012 she performed solo concerts in several Canadian cities. She has sung with internationally recognized musicians such as, Daniel Lavoie, Dan Bigras, and Isabelle Boulay. FILM In 2012 Armenian famous showman and musician Garik Papoyan wrote a song for Narine ("Opposite Things") , which was valued by film director Sarik Andreasyan , who used that song as the soundtrack of his new Russian movie "What man are doing" (Что творят мужчины). In 2012 Narine got an invitation from Public TV of Armenia (First channel) to play the leading role in the New Year movie "Chikago-Tsaghkadzor Transit". (Director- Yelena Arshakyan), also sang the soundtrack of the film "Es u Du". The same Year Narine was involved in another New Year movie of Panarmenian Group ( ATV) called "ATV Does not believe in tears". In 2015 she got an invitation to take a part in Armenian-French movie "Bravo Maestro" (Director- Levon Minasian). In 2016 Narine played the leading role in the long term novel "Abel's sister" , Panarmenian Group ( ATV) . AWARDS 2011 Radio Van Music Awards - Best song - Beautiful Sunday , Best performer - Narine Dovlatyan In 2012 Narine represented Armenia in an international competition "Amberstar" in Sweden with "At my feet" song and won. In 2012 she won the award "Discovery of the year" in Armenia and Moscow. 2013 Radio Van Music Awards - Best cover - La La La - Sam Smith 2014 Radio Van Music Awards - Best Perfomance (Summer Night song ) MUSIC VIDEO 2001 - Manushak (Violet) 2011 - Beautiful Sunday 2012 - Opposite Things 2012 - Hayastan@ du es ( All Armenian stars ) 2012 - Viva La France ( All Armenian stars ) 2013 - Cactus 2013 - La La La (cover) 2015 - Al Ayloughs 2015 - Summertime Sadness (cover) 2016 - Spread the light SONGS Manushak ( Violet ) - Music by Marine Gyulumyan Beautiful Sunday - music by Narine Dovlatyan , Haik Solar & Arni Rock Look into my eyes - music by Narine Dovlatyan , Haik Solar & Armi Rock Run away - Music by Narine Dovlatyan, Leon Gris, Haik Solar & Arni Rock Dreaming - Music by Benjamin Stretta At my feet - Music by Benjamin Stretta Opposite Things - Music by Garik Papoyan Cactus - Music by Karen Grigoryan That Scarf - Music by Narine Dovlatyan Unreal You - Music by Narine Dovlatyan , Arthur Aleq Al Ayloughs - Armenian Folk song ( Komitas ) Spread the Light - Music by Narine Dovlatyan Strawberry Pie - Music by Narine Dovlatyan Feeding the Bright (Over and Over) - Music by Narine Dovlatyan

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