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Armcore Project

Armcore Project ------------------ Armcore Project was established in 2003 in Armenia, uniting 3 leading bands in the electronic and club music genre (I.T.M., Syrius and RMX) in Armenia. The group's tracks are regularly played at Armenian and foreign clubs. The group has organized many trance festivals and parties in Armenia. --Formation-- ----------------- The group was officially established in 2003. The main members of the Armcore Project are Dj Tox (Arkadi Mirzoyan) and Dj Pandorra (Tigran Hunanyan). Together they performed at different festivals and parties. They were organizing the craziest parties in Armenia. From 2004 till 2008 group was mainly performing for underground public. From 2008 the group again started to perform for public by performing at different festivals. From 2003 the group took part in such festivals like DJeneration III, Sphere (underground fest), Emotions: Progressive Nights, and so on, performing Live almost every time. Some of the festivals that brought fame to the group were the Trance festival at Music Complex in Armenia in 2004 and “The Connection” in 2004. From 2008, after a short break, the group again started its triumph in the world of Trance music for public by participating in a festival LuxuryRush. In 2009 at the festival “Vakcinology” the group presented to the public its new composition “Feel" that has a great success. Armcore Project is also available on Facebook.com : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Armcore-Project/81342079132

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