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Nacho Cano

Ignacio Cano Andrés, aka Nacho Cano, (b. Madrid, February 26, 1963) is a Spanish arranger, composer, musician and record producer. He studied solfège and was a member of the Spanish group Mecano with his brother José María Cano and Ana Torroja. He has also released 4 solo albums. One of his hits was Vivimos siempre juntos with Mercedes Ferrer. As a producer, he founded the company Fairlight Estudios with Alejo Stivel. He has also made the 2005 musical Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar. He is a Buddhist and vegetarian and he has collaborated in several humanitarian projects, for example Fundación Sabera, which helps girls in India. Discography Albums recording with Mecano: Album: "Mecano" 1982 Album: "¿Dónde Está El País De Las Hadas?" 1983 Album: "Ya Viene El Sol" 1984 Album: "Mecano En Concierto" 1985 Album: "Lo Último De Mecano" 1986 album not official published by CBS Columbia. Album with 4 unpublished songs in studio: 3 songs of 1982 and 1 song of 1984 and too 4 live-songs of 1985's Tour (Concert at "Frontón De Segovia"). Album: "Greenpeace, Salvemos Al Mediterráneo" 1986 album not official published by RCA/Ariola. Only 1 song of Mecano: "Canción cortita para antes que nos abandone el mar" (I. Cano - 00 min. 57 seg.) Album: "Entre El Cielo Y El Suelo" 1986 (Spain edition) 12 songs. Album: "Entre El Cielo Y El Suelo" 1986 (USA & Latin-America edition) 10 songs. Album: "Entre El Cielo Y El Suelo" 1986 (France edition) 14 songs. Album: "Figlio Della Luna" 1989 (Italy edition) 9 songs in Italian + 1 instrumental. Album: "Descanso Dominical" 1988 (edition in spanish) 14 songs. Album: "Descanso Dominical" 1990 (France edition) 1 song in French + 11 songs in Spanish. Album: "Aidalai" 1991 (edition in Spanish) 12 songs + 1 instrumental. Album: "Aidalai" 1991 (Italy edition) 6 songs in italian. Album: "Aidalai" 1991 (France edition) 7 songs in french. Album: "Ana|Jose|Nacho" 1998 compilation double-album in Spanish: 7 "new" songs + 23 old hits. Album: "Ana|Jose|Nacho" 1998 (France edition) compilation unique-disc: 3 new songs in French + some of 7 "new" songs in Spanish and old songs in French. Solo career albums Un mundo separado por el mismo dios. (Virgin, 1994) El lado femenino (Virgin/EMI Benelux B.V. , 1996) Amor Humor (Virgin Benelux, B.V., 1999) Nacho Cano (Nocontroles, 2001)

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