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Найк Борзов

Naik Borzov is a Russian singer, songwriter and guitarist who was born on May 23, 1972. Borzov launched his career in 1986 with the punk group Инфекция (Infection). His third solo album, Головоломка (Brainteaser), raised his profile thanks to the hit Лощадка (Horse), which was banned by some radio stations for its mention of cocaine. Borzov became one of the country's top pop-rock singers with the 2000 release of Супермен (Superman), which featured two more huge hits -- Три слова (Three Words) and Верхом на звезде (Riding on a Star). Although Borzov's profile has since waned, he has continued to record, both under his own name and with Инфекция, and is regarded as a key influence in Russian indie and underground music.

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