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Room Eleven

Two bands share the name Room Eleven. (1) a band from New Jersey, United States, that had a local hit with Chris and Jane back in the mid 1990's. Band Members were Jeff Hack (vocals and acoustic guitar); Link (guitars and vocals); Mark Maurizi (bass); and Johnn Swayne (drums). A Dutch band with a diverse, playful, melancholic, funky and nostalgic sound. Room Eleven was composed of singer Janne Schra and guitarist and composer Arriën Molema. The band later on included keyboard player Tony Roe, contrabass player Lucas Dols and drummer Maarten Molema. Room Eleven was founded when the plucky, aspiring singer Janne Schra posts a note on the bulletin board at the conservatory in Utrecht: Seeking kindred spirits to write songs with. Guitarist and songwriter Arriën Molema was the only one answering, and they start writing original material together. They debuted in the heart of Amsterdam at the Uitmarkt Festival in 2004. According to Janne, the band name doesn’t have a specific significance, and it is up to the listener to decide what it stands for. “We love people who use their own imagination, so we invite them to interpret the band name as they see fit.” In 2010 they all decided to go their own way.

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