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More than one artist go by the name Soha: 1. a female French-Algerian vocalist. 2. French deep house duo Julien Jabre & DJ Gregory. 3. Japanese instrumental math-rock band from Tokyo 1. Originating from Western Sahara in Algeria, growing up in a multi-cultural environment, Soha blends a variety of styles in her work. Mixing musical traditions from around the world, the prominent Cuban, Latin, jazz and soul influences, Soha gives an appealing vivacity to her sound. Soha, a French vocalist of Algerian descent, incorporates reggae, Latin, Algerian, and Jazz - she truly is a girl of her time, knowing no boundaries other than the limit of her imagination. The result is a fantastic album that feels so much more than just the sum of these parts. There is no sense of trying items from a shopping list on for size - instead she has incorporated these influences into her soul and her music is a natural expression of this. Like all gifted musicians, Soha has assimilated a diverse range of influences but comes out the other side sounding wholly original. Official site: http://www.soha.fr MySpace: www.myspace.com/sohamusic 3. soha is a four piece instrumental-post rock band from Tokyo, Japan who formed in 2015. They are composed of Shoma Kawazu on drums, Yuta Nakata on guitar, Takeshi Natsumeda on bass and Masayuki Jintani on guitar. This band can serenade your mind with elaborate yet intricate post-rock tunes, and catchy riffs. As well as producing the tracks, they also direct the art and photography to best tailor the complete style of “soha”. They are currently signed with indie label “COPERNICUS-inflexion” and have announced their first album “the structure of moment” due to be out on July/2016. After listening to their track “after the rain” which we featured them in Discover instrumental jrock bands part 2 had we had the opportunity to speak to the members. and have their first EP “TOMORROW WITH TODAY EP”on June/2017. Although it features the instrumental sound that is stoic and precise, “I KNOW” has been newly recorded with a vocal. and have their Digital Single “A WALK” due to be out on June/2019. recording engineer “Takaaki Mino(toe)” Soha official web site http://soha.st Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sohajmusic/ * * *

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