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Project named "Edelis" is an interesting mix of Ambient, New Age, Ethno and Electronic music with New Age genre dominating. Music is composed using modern electronic instruments accompanied with ethnic ones, what creates special atmosphere and sound similar to Amethystium, Worknech and Karunesh. Russian composer and producer Vladimir Volodin standing behind "Edelis" was born on 22nd of September 1981 in small city of Pokrovsk (Engelsk now) in Saratov region. After some time Vladimir moved with his family to even smaller town named Melovoe to get away from all the fuss and mess and lives there now. Creative life of Vladimir started at a young age. He studied at music school and that helped him to see and comprehend the World in his own way, the World beckoned and attracted him. Vladimir found out that he can share his feelings by means of music. After he graduated from art college of A. P. Bogolubov in 2001, Vladimir started to compose music and form the style of forthcoming "Edelis". Going through important steps of creative search, he finished his first album "Virazitelnost" ("Expressiveness") in 2004. It was the same year he chose the name Edelis for his musical project. "Edelis is the name of a mythical city and my project's music tells it's history" - says Vladimir. Carried away by composing and recording, Vladimir makes more and more albums forming life of that mythical city. Vladimir started professional career in 2008, released his first official album named "Sensation of the World" and preparing for the release 5 more albums from his past: - 2004 – "Virazitelnost" ("Expressiveness") - 2005 – "Tel’alan’driod" - 2007 – "Suschnost i Deistvitelnost" ("Essence and Reality") - 2008 – "Novaya Civilizaciya" ("New Civilization") - 2008 – "Stremitelnie Misli") ("Impetuous Thoughts")

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