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Marcella Bella

Giuseppa Marcella Bella (born in Catania, Sicily, June 18, 1952), known as Marcella Bella, is an Italian singer, sister of the Italian singer/songwriter Gianni Bella. Marcella started her singing career in 1965 at the Festival de Ariccia winning but disqualified, as she was underage. Her career took off in 1972 at the San Remo music festival with ‘Montagne verdi’ (written by her brother). Marcella's main success came in the 1970's and 80's where she was a frequent participant in numerous music festivals and her songs could be found not only the Italian hit charts but also seen on the European, South American, and Japanese charts. Some of her best-known hits include Montagne verdi, Nessuno mai, Nell'aria, and Senza un briciolo di testa. She remained active through the 1990's and 2000's but did not experience the same success of her earlier years.

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