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Planet Caravan

There are multiple artists with this name. 1. Swiss electronic musician (Downtempo/Electronica/Slow House) 2. Planet Caravan was an indie rock/indie pop band from Gothenburg, Sweden formed in 1992. The band was influenced by among other things the contemporary british indie wave and the american alternative wave, as well as bands such as Joy Division, The Doors and The Stooges. The band consisted of Stefan Nilsson (vocals) who later formed Kingston Air Force and Antenna, Magnus Andersson (bass) who had earlier played with Stefan in the post-punk band Blackberry Blossom, Fredrik Lindson (guitar) who would later be one of the founders of The Embassy, Eric Ringström (guitar) later in Kingston Air Force and then Antenna, Lars Malmros (drums) who would later play in Broder Daniel and found Hästpojken. This lineup recorded a six track tape with among others the song Lemon who Broder Daniel later recorded. Several record labels showed interest, among others A Westside Fabrication, but the band was still not completely satisfied with their exoression. During 1993 they were joined by Jonas Kernell (keyboards) who also had a past in Blackberry Blossom and would later play with among others Sludge Nation, Kingston Air Force, Her Majesty and Love(s)Kills, and play on records by among others Broder Daniel, Håkan Hellström, C.Aarmé and Incka. in 1994 the self-titled debut album Planet Caravan was released. Soon after the release party, where Broder Daniel played as opening act, the band split up.

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