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There are several artists called Problem: 1. A rapper from the United States 2. A Proto-Punk band from Sweden 3. A Screamo band from Slovakia 1) A Hip-Hop artist, real name Jason Martin, from Compton inspired by 50 Cent. He produces his own albums as well as writing, producing, and engineering for other artists. Problem has also written and produced songs for varied genres such as r&b and pop. Problem has collaborated with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Mistah Fab, and Tru Life. As a child coming from the streets of Compton California, he would make do by hustling the streets. However, shortly after his pursuit of a rap career, that life was just a distant memory. He has made appearances in publications such as XXL, Dubcnn.com, and Ozone magazine. 2) A classic Swedish proto-punk band originally from Malmö (Skåne) Influences came from the likes of Monks, The Seeds, The Troggs and The Stooges. Stefan Ahlqvist (guitar, vocals), Henrik Herrström (guitar, organ, 1976-1982, 2005-present), Håkan Olsson (drums, vocals, 1976-1982, 1993-present, guitar, 1983-89), Gerth Malmros [Gerth Martinsson] (bass, 1976-2006), Joakim Rooke (drums, 1983-84), Alexander Dzamic (drums, 1984-89), Josephine Ahlqvist (keyboards, 1987-89), Stry Terrarie (guitar, vocals, 1993-96), L-O "Lulle" Ivarsson (bass, 2006-present). 1978 - Va Har Jag Gjort EP 1978 - 90 000 SP 1978 - Jag Vill Inte Ha SP 1978 - Problem LP 1979 - Nån Som Du SP 1982 - Vild Mun SP 1982 - Gandhis Bar LP 1988 - Fork LP 2003 - Huller om buller LP 2005 - Central Stimulering = Problem CD 3) A Screamo-Rock band from Martin, Slovakia.

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