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There are two artists who use the name Costi: the Romanian musician Costi Ionita and the Finnish singer-songwriter Costi Snellman. Her songs and tags can be found here: http://www.last.fm/music/Costi+Snellman) AND HERE’S THE INFO ON THE ROMANIAN GUY: Costi Ionita, a Romanian singer/producer, was born on January 14, 1978, in one of the neighborhoods of Constanta city. Costi Ionita is one of the most controversial figures in Romanian show – biz. Worshiped by some, denied by others, but always in the spot lights, the 25 years old man is named today “The King of Cocktail Music”. Music industry rewarded him at the beginning of this year with the Prize for the Best Sold Producer of the year 2000, for sales of more than 500,000 copies (the real figures go up to 750,000). Costi received a solid music education and that his box office success is mostly based on his native talent. It demonstrated itself since very early in his life, under the careful guidance of his parents who were there for him every time. Very inspirational and full of talent, Costi gave up since childhood years, many of the life’s pleasures in order to devote himself to music. Even now, or particularly now, does Costi divide most of his time between his own studio, DR. STUDIO and the medicine school, which neither money nor success could convince him to abandon or to treat less than seriously.

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