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There are 2 artist who use the name Derek. 1)John Hendry Blair was better known as Johnny Cymbal, (1945-1993). His recording of Cinnamon, under the stage name of 'Derek,' topped the charts in 1968. John co-wrote,co- produced and was lead vocalist on "Cinnamon", which was released on Bert Bern's BANG label (Bang 558). For the release, John used the alias "Derek", the name of his younger brother. A band was put together and "Derek" went on the road performing the new hit. "Cinnamon" reached #11, and it being John's third major hit gave him solid credentials and a great many more opportunities. Johnny also recorded as "Derek" for "Back Door Man", the Bang follow-up to "Cinnamon" (Bang 566). 2) Derek is a flemish singer/songwriter. He began his career in the rockband Derek & the Dirt. Later on he started a solo career. In 2010 he recorded his first Dutch album. In 2011 he will release a new cd with his new project: Derek & Maria.

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