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Lilit Bleyan

Lilit Bleyan (Armenian: Լիլիթ Բլեյան; born 2 June 1978) is an Armenian songwriter, singer. She writes and performs songs in Armenian, Spanish, English and Italian. Having already released two albums (“In another City” in 2011 and "Paciencia" in 2013, mostly consisting of Spanish songs), she's working on her third album which she promises to be quite a different thing. Born in Yerevan in 1978. First songs were written when she hardly started to talk. Graduated from the class of violin of a musical school, practiced singing in the chamber choir “Alan Hovhannes” in Yerevan. Music remained a great hobby for her as she graduated from the University as a language specialist and managed also learning at a TV journalism school. After years of a successful career in TV journalism in 2010 she released a single in Armenian called “Waiting Trains”. The song had immediate success and made her think of recording a full album. So in 2011 her first album consisting of 9 acoustic songs in Armenian and Spanish was released. The success of the songs made her stop the career at the TV and focus on songwriting and singing.

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