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Kovacs (Leeds) Kovacs came about when Clodhoppa fell in love with breakbeat. After a jaded period synapses were tweaked and feet got itchy to move again when the whole 'nuskoolbreaks' thing happened, pushing the dancefloor in a different way. As some of the Clodhoppa tunes stepped out of the 'chill' arena, Kovacs stepped in. Taking the same attitudes but digitising itself and pushing up the tempo. A release on Cone Records followed, the 'TWOCA ep' with remixes by Platinum Mules and Wax Equestrian. Hot on the heels of that came Midnight Records. Seeing Kovacs' deep and dirty approach to breaks they asked for remixes to compliment their deep house stylings. 2, Kovacs (Sharon) (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) Singer-Songwriter from the Netherlands. Under contract with Warner Music since 2014. Her first album is produced by Oscar Holleman (o.a. Within Temptation en Krezip). She has a soulful voice with a typical sound which has elements of Beth Gibbons, Shirley Bassey and Edith Piaf. She is inspired by Etta James, Dinah Washington and Nina Simone, and her first album contains a mix of soul, jazz en R&B

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